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“Science and technology are inter-locked in an ever evolving process. The two advance in leap-frog fashion to increase our knowledge of the universe and of ourselves, limited only by creativity and imagination.” - David Spatz



The aim of the Opticalia Museum website is twofold: 1. provide a museum and reference source for those interested in studying the history, origin and evolution of instruments of science and technology, and 2. offer antique scientific instruments for sale to collectors, science enthusiasts, those with an eye for style and elegance, and those drawn by the adventure and excitment that radiates from instruments of exploration and discovery.

The site is still under development but is being designed so you can quickly link to any category of instrument in either the Museum or Catalogue and easily link back and forth between the Museum, Catalogue, and History & Origins sections. A comprehensive reference CD is in preparation for sale from this site later this year.

Interested in items for purchase? Just link to any category that draws your interest in the left side bar. Interested in cruizing our Museum and learning more about invention and development of instruments of science and technology? Just link to a category that draws your interest in the right side bar. 

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